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Protesters hang and burn Putin’s effigy in Odesa

About 30 activists and members of Free People and Maidan Self-Defense NGOs picketed Russia’s consulate in Odesa protesting against the annexation of Crimea and criminal actions on the peninsula, Ukrinform reported Sept. 29.

The protest marks the ban one year ago on Crimean Tatars assembly, Mejlis.

 “We are here to protest the Crimea grab, illegal ban on Mejlis and repression and arrests of Crimean Tatars.

We condemn the violence against Mejlis leaders Ahtem Chyjgoz and Ilmi Umerov whom the occupants accuse of organizing mass actions in support of Ukraine. We demand their release,” activist Petro Lyubchenkov said.

The protesters hanged and then burned Putin’s effigy outside the consulate. 

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