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Hungary gives ultimatum to Ukraine over education law

Hungary won’t support any initiative of Ukraine at the international arena unless Kyiv cancels article 7 of the education law, the country’s ambassador, Erno Keshken, told journalists in Kyiv Sept. 29, Ukrinform reports.

 “It is the demand of the Hungarian minority in Zakarpatya, and we support its members,” the diplomat said. Sept. 5, Verkhovna Rada passed the law imposing Ukrainian as a language of instruction in schools and universities. School children belonging to minorities can be taught in their languages only in primary school.

Ukrainian leaders spoke strongly in favor of the law, citing Hungarian minority school leavers who cannot write or speak Ukrainian.

Ukrainian public gives the law a wholehearted support, criticizing Hungary for its unfriendly attitude toward Ukraine.

Media came up with stories telling how Hungarian officials handed out Hungarian passports to the residents of Zakarpatya, knowing that dual citizenship is banned in Ukraine.

The government of Hungary, Ukrainian experts point out, is playing off the minority card in a bid to attract more voter support.

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