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“School-leavers must know Ukrainian,” Pres Poroshenko

Addressing educationalists on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Pres Poroshenko commented on a strong reaction of some of Ukraine’s neighbors regarding the new law on the language of instruction in schools and universities.

Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and other states complain that the ethnic minorities living at the border of Ukraine will have their rights infringed on by the new law.

Many school-leavers in Zakarpatya cannot speak and read Ukrainian. As a result, their chances of getting university education are miserable. The secondary school must prepare the youth for further education and jobs, requiring the knowledge of Ukrainian, he said.
Ukraine will ensure the rights of ethnic minorities to learn their languages, culture and history in accordance with international laws, he said.

Ukraine’s stand of the use of Ukrainian must be explained to its neighbors. Article 7 on the use of Ukrainian in education fully complies with the existing European practice, he said.

The government did much to broaden the use of Ukrainian on radio, with the similar steps to be taken on television, he said.

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