News » Crime 27 September, 2017, 5:20
Police evacuate 28,000 from areas adjacent to burning ammo depot

In the night operation, the police evacuated 28,000 residents of Kalynivka and other small towns in the Vinnytsya oblast near the burning ammunition depot.

No casualties had been reported by 03:00 on Sept. 27.

The area has been sealed off by the 2,800-strong police force.

The adjacent highway and rail roads are closed to traffic. The 50-km air space around the area is banned to aviation.

The fire afflicted 10% of the depot’s total area.

Officials suspect a terrorist act. According to interior minister’s adviser Zoryan Shkyryak, the fire was started on direct orders of Pres Putin. The day of the accident [Pres Poroshenko’s birthday] and the place [Poroshenko’s homeland] speak for themselves.

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