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OSCE drone spots rebels heavy weapons near touchline

The breakaway rebel Donetsk and Luhansk republics continue to blatantly violate the Minsk agreements on the 30 - km withdrawal of heavy weapons from the touchline, OSCE says Sept. 25.

The rebels did not comply with the Minsk agreements by deploying Grad missile batteries, large caliber guns, tanks and mortars close to the touchline, OSCE says.

Sept. 22, the OSCE drone detected 30 tanks, 9 120-mm mortars and 100-mm Rapira guns near Myrne, Luhansk republic.

Sept. 18, OSCE detected 48 tanks near Ternove, Donetsk republic.

The Ukrainian part of the Joint Center for the control of ceasefire said in a statement that these violations clearly demonstrate unwillingness of rebels and their Russian patrons to abide by the Minsk agreements and attemps to fuel the crisis in Donbas.

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