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Ex-cop explains why so many of his colleagues resign

Writing in Facebook Sept.24, ex-cop Anton Malkov explains why so many of his buddies resign.

Constant fatigue is reason No. 1. The schedule of patrolmen is very tight: 2 13-hour days of day shifts, 2 days of rest or 2 13-hour long night shifts and 2 days of rest at home.

In addition, contrary to the existing regulations, police chiefs order to patrol on day-offs and holidays or due to the arrival in the city of big shots, Malkov says.

Small pay is reason No. 2.  “My monthly pay is UAH8,000 or $300. It equals that of a car washer, waiter of seller of sandwiches,” he says. “But the risks are much higher,” he adds.

Meeting hypocritical fine targets is the reason No. 3. Patrolmen must submit the planned amount of revenue due to fines for smoking in public places, jaywalking and failures of drivers to strap themselves.

Yet, the ex-cop says that, despite the shortcomings, he is proud of having served in the police. The formation of new police in Ukraine was a positive step, he says.

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