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Reaction stages comeback in Ukraine – Andrej Illarionov

There is no modern state in Ukraine. After the 2014 revolution there were expectations that a new country would emerge. However, such hopes failed to come true as the old forces had staged a comeback, Andrej Illarionov, Putin’s former adviser and now an émigré scholar in America, said, speaking on ZIK TV Sept. 23.

 “There were hopes that a new Ukraine would emerge after the Maidan 2014 revolution. There were new politicians able of implementing the reform. Unfortunately, they were few and badly organized. The old reactionary gang staged a comeback,” Illarionov said.

One typical feature of the counterrevolution is the use of hired goons (‘titushki’) [used by the authorities, for instance, to block the arrival of Mikheil Saakashvili in Ukraine Sept. 10 –Ed.]. It means the nature of the state has not changed and it remained the same as during the time of Viktor Yanukovych, Illarionov said. 

 “Who would have thought that ‘titushki’ would come again - this time on orders from the authorities. It seemed this dark page of Ukraine history would never be repeated again,” he said.

The nature of the Ukrainian state has remained the same. It can be changed by mobilizing a new generation of democratic politicians, the expert said.

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