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Illarionov: Will president of European country revoke citizenship of his political opponent?

In any normal European country its president will never strip his political opponent of his citizenship. The situation with Saakashvili clearly shows that [Poroshenko’s] personal interests prevail over state ones, Putin’s former adviser and now US-based Katon Institute researcher Andrei Illarionov said, speaking on ZIK Sept. 23.

“Saakashvili’s return to Ukraine was not a crime. Hence, before jumping to conclusions, the Ukrainian power should look in the Criminal Code. The whole incident looked as if the Ukrainian power, instead of stopping to make mistakes fervently began to make new ones.” Illarionov said.

 “Such policy is suicidal. From this it follows that Ukrainian politicians are preoccupied with their personal issues and do not think about Ukraine. Such policy is a hiccup of the past,” he said.

Ukraine’s priority is to build a modern state, he said.

 “Only politicians with modern views can implement such huge project. I can see them in Ukraine. They turned up at the 2014 election, and there will be much more of them at the next one,” Andrej Illarionov said.

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