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Ukrainian engineers made super bullet piercing APC

20-mm steel can now be pierced with a shot from the rifle, Kanal 24 reports Sept. 22.

The testing of a new Ukrainian Stiletto bullet first included firing a deadly 12.5-mm Utyos machine gun. The bullet damaged the piece of 20-mm steel but did not pierce it. 

Then a 7.62-mm Stiletto bullet with a special core was fired and easily penetrated the steel.

Stiletto rounds have already been tested in Donbas.

Says Michael, a Swede, sniper and legend among Ukrainian servicemen,

 “We first got Stiletto rounds in 2014. The results were mind-blowing,” he said. 

Another serviceman, aka Bilorus, confirmed the bullet pierced the enemy APC 350-400 meters away, killing the driver and setting fire to it.

Bullet developers say they have documentation and a small production line in Great Britain. If Ukraine builds an ammunition plant, they are ready to participate in the project.

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