Thursday, 21 September, 2017, 23:18 Crime
Failed attempt by two judges to bribe head of Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution
Nazar Kholodnitsky. Photo Ratynskiy Vyacheslav / UNIAN
Nazar Kholodnitsky. Photo Ratynskiy Vyacheslav / UNIAN

Prosecutors and SBU agents captured two judges who offered SAP head Nazar Holodnytsky a $300,000 bribe to close the investigation against a corrupt judge, PGO press secretary Larysa Sarhan writes in Facebook Sept. 21.

The bribe was offered by the Dnipro rayon court chief justice and another judge, a woman, against whom SAP is running a criminal investigation.

The judges were detained when they were passing $50,000 to Nazar Holodnytskyj who had tipped SBU and prosecutors about the attempted crime.

The punishment for bribing highly-placed officials is 10 years behind bars and the confiscation of property.

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