Wednesday, 20 September, 2017, 16:20 Politics
NGOs isolated from judges selection – Tytych

Ukraine has failed in creating new courts. NGOs have been barred from participating in the selection of judges for anti-corruption court and supreme courts. Representatives of international organizations are to be enrolled in the process because the entire program is funded by western donors, co-coordinator of the Public Board of Integrity Vitalij Tytych told ZIK TV Sept. 20.

NGOs were barred from participating in the selection procedure of candidates. "I was banned to address a session on the Supreme Board of Justice although my participation is allowed by the law,” he said. 

All the talk to create anti-corruption chambers at courts instead of an independent Anti-Corruption Court is empty rhetoric aimed to disrupt the honest selection, Tytych said. 

 “The original goals, funding from the budget and by foreign donors  seem to have been wasted,” the activist said.

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