Friday, 15 September, 2017, 12:57 Politics
Poroshenko condemns SBU’s delated foray on Ukrayinska Pravda

During his address and interview at the YES (Yalta European Strategy) summit in Kyiv Sept. 15, Pres Poroshenko was asked by journalists to clarify the reason for SBU’s visit to the UP editorial offices Sept. 14.

 “I will surely explain why the SBU visited the offices of UP. I think it is absolutely inadmissible,” Poroshenko said.

SBU agents came to the UP office to hand in a letter to UP chief editor Sevgil Musyaeva demanding to edit out the material posted 9 (nine!) months ago.

SBU charged the material divulged a state secret as it contained information about the reforms and development targets for the defense ministry until 2020.

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