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SBU demands arrest of 41% stake in Motor-Sich aviation turbines plant

On the demand by SBU, a court in Kyiv placed a 41% stake in the Motor-Sich plant under arrest. The stake is owned by 5 off-shore companies, Radio Svoboda reports Sept. 11.

As of 2016, some former and current plant officials have been conspiring to destroy the plant by selling/buying stakes illegally. SBU says.  

The transaction favored foreign-based companies which have plans to relocate production abroad, something that will actually destroy the plant.

In June, 2017, Ukraine’s anti-monopoly committee received a request from the owner of China’s Beijing Skyrizon Co. to allow the concentration of stock amounting to 41% of the plant’s shares.

Prosecutors announced that a number of criminal investigations against Motor-Sich officials are under way.
Prosecutors are searching the offices of Motor-Sich to prepare their charges, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said. 

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