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Hungary, Romania criticize Ukraine’s law on education

Foreign ministries of Hungary and Romania criticized the Ukrainian law on education passed by Rada Sept. 5, saying it violates the rights of Hungarian and Romanian ethnic minorities in Ukraine’s western oblasts to acquire secondary and higher education in their minority languages, Interfax reports Sept. 8.

Hungarian officials even called the law ‘a stab in the back’, chiding Ukraine for violating the European values.

The law allows the use of minority languages only in pre-schooling and primary school institutions, making Ukrainian mandatory for secondary and higher education.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian and Romanian officials should be better advised to read on the systems of education in the world where the state languages are the only ones used for instruction in secondary schools and universities.

Incidentally, Hungarian and Romanian authorities have been issuing their passports to Hungarian-speaking and Romanian-speaking residents of Ukraine’s western oblasts, hardly a friendly gesture towards Ukraine.

Under the Ukrainian law dual citizenship is banned.  

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