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Expert exposes Putin’s treacherous plan about Donbas

Pres Vladimir Putin agreed to deploy peacemakers to Donbas only because he wants to outplay Ukraine, Director of the Institute for Political Analysis and international Research Serhij Tolstov said, Obozrevatel reports Sept. 8.

 “Putin is actually stealing the show as Poroshenko has earlier said the peacemakers issue would be central for Ukraine this season,” the expert said.

The existence of clashing Ukrainian and Russian proposals will impair the passing by the UN of a constructive resolution favoring Ukraine, Tolstov said.

It would not be that easy to stop Russia in Donbas, Tolstov said.

 “All done by the West so far is not critical for Russia. The sanctions affect the economy but not the existing state/political mechanism. Therefore, if no economic disturbances happen, I doubt Putin will go for a compromise,” the expert said.

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