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Saakashvili opponents may stage provocations – Sakvarelidze

The authorities have two scenarios how to deal with Mikheil Saakashvili’s return to Ukraine due Sept. 10 – either to cause no problems for him to enter Ukraine or stage provocations and accuse him of endangering Ukraine’s integrity, David Sakvarelidze, the ex-deputy prosecutor general and supporter of Saakashvili, told ZIK TV Sept. 6.

The authorities have no right to just banish Saakashvili from Ukraine. The ex-Georgian president and Odesa ex-governor is entitled to a defense in court. Only by acting like this, the regime can save its face, Sakvarelidze said.

 “Of course, the authorities may stage a provocation by siccing goons or throwing a grenade at the border guards,” he said. 

Since Saakashvili is a resident of Ukraine he must be issued temporary documents to enable his stay in the country and defend himself in court, Sakvarelidze said.

Taking orders from the pre4sident’s office, Lviv Governor Oleh Syniutka banned the use of public facilities to house Saakashvili supporters, he said.

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