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Putin’s Donbas ‘peaceful’ proposal is attempt to disguise Russian aggression

Ukraine foreign ministry says the deployment of UN peacemakers to Donbas may promote peace and security in Eastern Ukraine.

Pres Poroshenko sent his proposal to send peacemakers to Donbas in March 2015, the FM says.

However, Russia sabotaged this proposal, blocking its consideration by the Security Council, the FM statement runs.

Ukraine insists that alongside the deployment of peacemakers, Russia must pull out its troops and weapons from Donbas and enable Ukraine to establish its control over the Ukraine-Russia border. 

Ukraine would agree to the presence of peacemakers on condition that Russian military are excluded from the peacemaking force as the presence of representatives of the aggressor country is contrary to the UN charter. 

Ukraine strongly objects Putin’s proposal get consent from the illegal breakaway Donbas republics to place peacemakers in Donbas.

Putin’s so-called peaceful proposal is an attempt to present the conflict in Donbas as Ukraine’s domestic stand-off against the backdrop of Russia’s provocative massive military interference in the conflict since 2014, th4e FM statement runs. 


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