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Khrushchov’s son on his father’s decision to transfer Crimea to Ukraine

The transfer of Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 by Nikita Khrushchov was a structural and sound decision, his son, Serhij Khrushchov, a professor at US-based Brown University said, speaking on 112 Ukrayina TV Sept. 3. My father was guided by economic considerations. Crimea’s place, therefore, was more beneficial if it was part of Ukraine, he said.

 “There was no politics, as Russia likes to say, less so a present to my mother born in the Western Ukraine. The transfer was beneficial to the development of Crimea,” he said.

When FSU Supreme Council did the transfer, the decision was based on common economy of Ukraine and Crimea, territorial proximity and close economic and cultural ties with mainland Ukraine, Khrushchov’s son explained.

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