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Volker explains why Russia doesn’t pull troops from Donbas

Speaking to DW Aug. 30, US special representative in Ukraine Kurt Volker said the US sanctions on Russia are not hard enough to make Putin pull out his troops from Ukraine.

The sanctions are biting but not hard enough, Volker said.

The fact that Russia is worried by the sanctions and wants them lifted, indicates that the sanctions are biting. At the same time, Moscow has not withdrawn its troops from Donbas. This means the sanctions are not fully effective, Kurt Volker said.

Volker also said Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine made Kyiv quit the Russia’s orbit and become pro-western. 

 “Ukraine now is more united, more pro-western than before. This is bad news for Russia,” Volker said.

The US representative said that, implementing the Minsk agreements, Russia must pull out its troops that destabilize the situation in Donbas, he said.

There are 3,000 Russian regular troops in Donbas, something Russia dismisses as untrue.

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