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Putin’s godfather controls 40% of gas import in Ukraine - Leshchenko

After SBU started its purge of small traders on the Ukrainian gas market, Viktor Medvedchuk, Putin’s godfather, has become one of the major players with the 40% control of the market, independent lawmaker Serhij Leshchenko said, speaking on ZIK TV Aug. 29.

 “I know that what is going on  the liquid gas market is actually a cooperation between SBU and Russia,” he said.

Medvedchuk controls the import of oil/gas [supplied from Russia] at Novhorod-Volynsky refinery. He spends part of his revenue on corrupt Ukrainian politicians, Leshchenko said.

 “Before, when there were a number of small traders, the price for car gas was UAH10 per liter [now it is UAH17 – Ed.]

As it happens, Medvedchuk stands the most to gain from the purge, he said.

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