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World congress of Lemkos opens up in Lviv

The 6th Congress of the World Federation of Ukrainian Lemkos has opened up in Lviv.

The Congress is held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Lemkos deportation from their ethnic lands in Poland.

The event is attended by numerous Lemkos delegations from many countries worldwide - USA, Canada, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Ukraine.

 “After the Lemkos had been scattered away from their ethnic lands, part of them found refuge in the Lviv oblast which became their second homeland,” Lviv oblast Governor Oleh Syniutka said in his welcoming address.

One of the speakers, Olexy Stefanyak, now an officer with the Ukrainian army in Donbas, said hundreds of Lemkos are fighting the enemy to defend Ukraine.

A cultural program, The Voice of the land of Lemkos,  is slated for Aug. 26-27 in Zymnya Voda, Pustomyty rayon.

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