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Barking dog won’t dare to bite – Russian expert on Putin’s plans

Moscow may make an attempt to escalate the situation in Eastern Ukraine. However, Kremlin won’t dare to launch a full-scale intervention, Russian political expert Andrej Piontkovski told Obozrevatel Aug. 17.

Putin strives to encircle Ukraine, Piontkovski said, commenting on the West-2017 military exercise in Belarus.

It is aimed to scare Ukraine and a bargaining chip with the West, the expert said.

Every Moscow’s twist must be viewed in the context of the recent unprecedented US sanctions on Putin.

I mean, above all, the personal sanctions and the order to US financial intelligence to track down the assets of Russia’s leaders, he said.

The sanctions put the Russian top leaders before a very serious choice as, not merely their assets, but their entire style of life closely linked with the West: health care, education for their children, immovable property, etc. 

 “They need to react to the sanctions and try to strike deals with the West. I call it the hybrid capitulation. They want to make some concessions to the West which they can later wrap up as their victory,” Piontkovski said. 

“They may try a minor escalation to pressurize the West. However, a massive war is out of the question, regarding the US Congress anti-Putin feelings. A full-sized intervention of Ukraine will allow America to transfer lethal weapons to Kyiv, making the price too high for Putin,” the expert said.

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