Wednesday, 16 August, 2017, 7:52 Politics
Hub of corruption is in president’s office – Andrij Senchenko

It is clear that the Ukrainian power is unwilling to fight corruption, and the hub of corruption is located in the president’s office, head of Power of Law NGO and former Rada lawmaker Andrij Senchenko said, speaking in a talk show on ZIK TV late Aug. 15.

The activity of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, NABU, is a pain in the neck of the present administration, Senchenko said.

Opponents of anti-corruption fight succeeded in deliberately messing up the statures and procedures of the National Agency for Preventing Corruption, NAPC. It was a deliberate act and they merely wanted to imitate the fight with corruption, he said.

Without changing the political power no way-out can be found for Ukraine, Senchenko said.

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