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Fake stories about Odesa port spread by opponents of foreign investors – Omelyan

Speaking on ZIK TV Aug. 10, Minister for Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan said many faked articles are spread about the Odesa port.

He recalled the proposal made in 2016 by DP World, world’s third largest port operator, to buy the port’s tugboats and invest. It would have been a powerful signal to investors, like the ill-fated case of Ryanair,that Ukraine is a normal state for foreign investors.

However, when the talks with DP World were completed, the cabinet took a feet-dragging attitude. The ensuing protests the deal with DP World had to be cancelled, while the port went almost bankrupt. 

 “The smearing media campaign started to the effect that the Odesa port is a national asset which mustn’t be sold. As a result, the private Ekoflot company grabbed half of operations in the port. The state Odesa port company is on its last legs. This is the outcome of the whole story,” Minister Omelyan said.

Asked who the main opponents of the DP World were, Omelyan said it was the team operating the port at the time.

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