Friday, 11 August, 2017, 10:12 Crime
Case against cheating defense officials goes to court

Prosecutors have forwarded to court case materials on procuring helmets and bullet-proof jackets for the army by corrupt army officials.

Prosecutors interviewed 100 persons, analysed 3,000 documents and made 30 expert evaluations.

Based on the gathered evidence, prosecutors charged 5 former and present heads of the army procurement and supplies department.

The suspects are accused of procuring supplies at overstated prices that included VAT banned for procurements for the army. The VAT, worth UAH32.6 mn ($1.25 mn) was later paid into the accounts of suppliers.
The crooks also procured army helmets and bullet-proof jackets at overstated prices which made a UAH1.5 mn ($0.05 mn) dent in the defense budget. 

Prosecutors put the assets of the suspects under arrest.

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