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US strangling Russia like anaconda
Photo: PravdaReport
Photo: PravdaReport

The United States is viewing Russia as a growing strategic threat, Gazeta po-Ukrayinsky said Aug. 4.

New US sanctions indicate that Washington will try to stifle Russia’s gas and oil production, toughen access to technologies, investment and credits.

America will act as an anaconda. The first circle of sanctions was meant as a signal to Moscow. However, Russia continued its aggression against Ukraine, leading to new the second circle of sanctions. So far, the sanctions have not hit the Russian export. If it does not stop, more sanctions will follow.

The third circle of sanctions, the oil embargo, will be deadly for Russia.

The sanctions, however, do not affect the assets of Putin and his environment. The West could have stopped the Russian aggression if the assets had been frozen, the newspaper wrote. 

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