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Fall-out from new sanctions on Russia to be huge – Ohryzko
Vladimir Putin. Photo: 15min
Vladimir Putin. Photo: 15min

The recently imposed US sanctions on Russia will kick in in 6 months when the US financial intelligence gathers information on the deposits and assets of Russia’s mighty in the West, Ukraine’s ex-foreign minister Volodymyr Ohryzko said Aug. 5, reported.

As soon as the proposal to put these deposits, Vladimir Putin’s including, on hold comes through there will be a dramatic twist in the situation, and we will see changes in the Russian foreign policy, Ohryzko said.

 “This not happening, Russia will continue its decline. There are no other options,” the diplomat said.

With the signing of the sanctions by Trump, Moscow’s last hopes to befriend the US president have failed, Ohryzko said.

“Hence, Russian leaders will now make statements similar to the one mouthed by Putin’s press secretary Peskov to the effect that ‘we have expected this to happen.’

Yet, Russia will be forced now to take decisions as the sanctions take away Moscow’s chance to return to business as usual. The sanctions will hit Russia’s cash cow – its oil/gas sector,” Ohryzko said.

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