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New US sanctions to bring greater isolation of Russia – Portnykov

New US sanctions mark a watershed of Russia’s isolation. The sanctions were entirely Putin’s doing, says Ukraine’s renowned political expert Vitali Portnykov in July 31.

The US Congress decision will mark the beginning of a cold war with Russia, he said.

Russia’s almost demonstrative intrusion in the US elections has sobered the American elite, he said. 

The way-out for Russia now is to de-occupy Donbas and Crimea, stop interference in Ukraine, do not support anti-American regimes in Teheran and North Korea, Russia’s allies in the world.

What will the Russian president do under the circumstances. He will just start taking mad political decisions. The expulsion of US diplomats is a clear proof.

Next will follow Putin’s desperate attempts to get rid of the sanctions – in ways not tarnishing the dictator’s image.

If the process takes long, Putin will turn into an ageing dictator, like Brezhnev, but his clan will feel secure for some time to finish robbing and plundering Russia.

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