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Ukraine extradites Giuseppe Nikosio to Italy

July 16, the Ukrainian authorities extradited to Italy the man who had established one of the biggest money-laundering networks in Italy, Prosecutor General Yurij Lutsenko wrote in Facebook.

He said he expects the extradition sends a positive signal to Italian law enforcement.

“The man robbed Italians of hundreds of millions of euros. For many years he had been at large hiding in various countries. This spring, he was captured by the SBU. It took us merely 3 months to complete the extradition procedures,” Lutsenko wrote. 

Following the return to Italy of the stolen pictures, the extradition is a next step towards fruitful cooperation between Ukraine and Italy, he said.

Ukrainians can now expect a positive reaction of the Italian authorities to the case of Vitali Markiv, a Donbas war veteran arrested in Italy for allegedly killing an Italian correspondent in Donbas, Yurij Lutsenko said.

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