Monday, 17 July, 2017, 9:02 Politics
Renowned psychiatrist on Putin’s fears

Ukrainian psychiatrist, dissident and former human rights activist Semen Gluzman told about the fears of Vladimir Putin in an interview to The Apostrof July 17:

“Russia’s present leader is well aware that he is a looser in politics. 

Putin has lost, and he knows this as he is not a stupid man. Yes, he grabbed Crimea for good, he believes. However, he bit more than he can chew with Donbas. He failed.

By nature he is not the man who can back up. He fears his own people – that is why his new national guard is so big.

Russia is not the same as Ukraine. Over 30% of its population are Muslims. They are not the Muslims of France or Italy. In Russia, they are second-rate citizens. Just recall Russian serial films where they are portrayed as stupid and dirty bandits,” Semen Gluzman said.

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