Saturday, 15 July, 2017, 14:51 Crime
Court posts 2-million bail or 2-month custody on Lviv tank plant manager

The Lviv court ruled to post an UAH2-million ($77,000) bail or a 2-month custody on Roman Tymkiv, a millionaire and director of the Lviv tank plant, accused of gross corruption and cheating, ZIK reports July 15.

Prosecutors demanded an UAH28.5 million bail, saying this is the amount of damages inflicted by Roman Tymkiv. 

The court ordered Tymkiv to surrender his foreign passport to prevent him from fleeing abroad. 

Tymkiv is accused of conspiring with commercial companies in holding tenders for the equipment and parts for the tank plant. Specifically, the gang bought used tank engines and mounted them on tanks as new.

Interestingly, four Petro Poroshenko Block lawmakers want to vouch for Tymkiv to avoid custody and bail.

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