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“This is not Russophobia. This is stronger and for good,” Iryna Herashchenko

To survive, Ukraine must break away from Russia for good, deputy Rada speaker and Ukraine’s representative on the Minsk group of peace negotiators Iryna Herashchenko, wrote in Facebook July10.

She was commenting on Putin’s statement at the G-20 forum in Hamburg that Ukraine’s official policy is based on the dislike for the Russians.  

 “Can the president of the country where 69% of the population, according to Russia-based Levada Center poll, consider Ukraine a hostile state accuse Ukrainians of Russophobia? This is not Russophobia. This is a stronger feeling than Russophobia. This is for ever,” she writes. 

 “This is the understanding of who the true enemy and killer, marauder and plunderer, occupant and dishonorable enemy is. And who demands Ukrainians to love balalaikas and the Russian world, Russian tanks and green soldiers without identification marks who came to capture Donbas and Crimea,” Iryna Herashchenko writes. 

Ukrainians must stay away from such neighbor. To survive, Ukraine must break away from Russia for good, she writes.

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