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US new role on Europe’s gas market to make Russia more aggressive - expert

Russia has nothing to counter the emergence of the United States as a major gas supplier in Europe, but Moscow will use it as a pretext to step up its aggressive stance, Strategy XXI think tank director Mykhailo Honchar said speaking on Donbas.Realias radio July 8.

As projects with China will hardly bring substantial revenue, Russia will stay on European markets, accepting new rules of the game and competing with Norwegian, American and Qatar gas suppliers, the expert said  

Back in 2012-2013, the Kremlin presented America’s perspective entry on European markets as aggression, calling for decisive counter measures.

Incidentally, by launching a military involvement in Donbas in 2014, Russia made American Shell and Chevron companies that prospected for shale gas quit Ukraine.

“Unlike Russia which remains a big petrol-filling station, America’s might is not based on fuel exports. The Soviet Union collapsed after the oil prices in mid-80s had dropped dramatically. How long Putin’s Russia will take is anyone’s guess, the expert said.

Pres Trump has announced supplies of gas, oil and coal to European markets, causing oil prices to plummet by $3 per barrel last week.

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