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Sobolev on links of Poroshenko and Yanukovych

Petro Poroshenko has many links with ex-president Yanukovych and his entourage. We must fight for the disruption of suck links, Rada lawmaker and head of Rada anti-corruption committee Yehor Sobolev said, speaking on ZIK TV late July 6.

 “Poroshenko was among the founders of the Party of Regions. He served on 2 Yanukovych cabinets as minister. It is clear that Poroshenko had and has a lot of links with Yanukovych and his insiders. We must work to sever such links,” Sobolev said.

”I was very glad when the links between Poroshenko and Rinat Akhmetov were severed after we forced the president to ban the trade with the occupied territories in Donbas.

You should know that Rinat Akhmetov lined up his pockets selling coal from the occupied territories he bought for UAH600 a ton for UAH2,500 in Ukraine. That was how the crooked scheme, introduced, incidentally, by Poroshenko insiders, worked,” Sobolev said.

 “I am a staunch critic of Poroshenko. I believe he has trespassed many laws. But we must do everything now to make him serve Ukraine,” Yehor Sobolev said. 

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