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“I am very sorry for prosecutor general” Matchuk

“I am very sorry for Prosecutor Genera Yurij Lutsenko. He comes to the sessions of the Rada committee for procedures knowing that its members will merely look for excuses not to support the lifting of immunity from corrupt lawmakers,” Rivne ex-governor Viktor Matchuk said on ZIK TV July 6.

Lutsenko is giving away too much evidence related to corrupt lawmakers which gives them a chance to better prepare their defense, he said.

The committee for procedures is not a court. Its role is only to check the validity of charges made by the prosecution and assess whether the charges are grounded.

It is a positive that the committee sittings are covered on-line by television. Now, Ukrainians can know themselves how sincere their lawmakers are, he said.

It is clear that the suspected lawmakers and their helpers are scared that they cannot go unpunished, Matchuk said.

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