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We do not stick our noses into Polish history, nor should Poles do into ours – Yurij Shukhevych

The history of both countries, Ukraine and Poland, was marred by bloody victims and violence. Our neighbor Poland should remember this when accusing Ukrainians of respect for their leaders Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, his son Yurij-Bohdan said, speaking in a talk show on ZIK TV July 5.

 “I heard the statement by the Polish foreign ministry [to the effect that Ukraine won’t be accepted in the EU until its nationalist leaders Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych continue to be glorified – Ed.]. I would like to know who these Polish officials are? Will they give us a pass to the EU?” he asked.   

“Do the Poles remember how they got into the EU? Was it very legal? The Poles orchestrated the pacification of Ukrainians, the siege of Volyn and initiated the Visla program of resettling Ukrainians. True, the Poles had asked for repentance.

 Yet, they resettled 11 million Germans from their western lands. The amount qualifies for a genocide

Incidentally, the Pole who headed the Storm (Buzha) operation in 1944 [to resettle and disperse the Ukrainians from the territories bordering Ukraine –Ed.] has been recently awarded the highest military rank. How are we expected to react under the circumstances? Why is it a crime to give Bandera and Shukevych names to Kyiv streets?
It is a clear intrusion in our domestic issues. We do not stick our noses into Polish things,” Yurij-Bohdan Shukhevych said. 

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