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Goals of Russia’s hybrid war in Ukraine – journalist

By staging recent horror bombings in Kyiv and Donbas of SBU officers Moscow is out to scare Ukrainians and bring home a message that there is no safety inside Ukraine, political expert Kyrylo Sazonov writes for Espreso July 4.

Against the backdrop of Putin’s serious diplomatic pratfalls in the world and military failures in Donbas, Moscow is increasingly focusing on new levers against Ukraine. Terrorism is a typical Russian reaction to its helplessness, Sazonov says. 

The goal of recent killings in broad daylight and in public places of SBU colonels and journalist Pavlo Sheremet is to sow the seeds of fright in Ukraine, to show that Russia has long arms.

Moscow is eager to push Kyiv into signing the shotgun peace agreement, capitulate and agree to the federalization of Ukraine, with Donbas having a special status and former separatists in the local government, the journalist says. 

Who might be the next target of FSB’s bombings? Probably, a renowned anti-Russian politician or official, Sazonov warns.

If Russian agents fail to lay their hands on such mainstream public figures, they will go for a massive killing of ordinary Ukrainians – an explosion in the subway or a skyscraper. Quite in line with FSB’s rich past record, Kyrylo Sazonov says. 

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