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Chilling statement on Donbas by Georgij Tuka

Donbas is doomed due to rising radiation levels and salinated water. Locals must be resettled, deputy minister for the occupied territories and domestic displaced persons Georgij Tuka said on Kanal 5 late June 29.

According to scientific reports, the radiation level is up in the water due to the sinking of idle coal mines and the rising of contaminated water to the surface, the official said.

The processes are under way that cannot be localized, Tuka said.

Coupled with the contamination of water in Donbas, the salination of Donbas major river, Siversky Donets, has hit the levels when its water can be used for drinking. The salination is 8 times higher where the river flows out of Ukraine into Russia than at the entry point, Tuka said.

Russia is using the river water as technical for agricultural purposes.

 “In Donbas, 88% of other available water reserves cannot be used for drinking by people,” he said.

The looming natural catastrophe may lead to the resettlement of the local population, the official warned. 

“The goal is not how to save Donbas. The goal is how to resettle the population,” he warned. 


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