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Putin eager to bug out from Donbas – Russian expert

Pres Putin is spending more and more money to support Donbas separatists and that is why he is eager to get out of Ukraine, Russian expert Dmitrij Oreshkin said, grushevskogo5 reported June 24.

“Putin is unable to capture the whole Donbas, as world politicians will react properly by imposing tougher sanctions. Nor can he incorporate Donbas. Crimea, and the more so Donbas, have become a windmill around Putin’s neck. However, Putin is forced to carry it. But the weight becomes heavier with every year,” he said.  
“I think, Putin is looking for ways to get rid of Donbas. Before, the separatists were bankrolled from the ‘pool’, the illegal part of the Russian budget controlled by the Kremlin. Now, the pool has dried up, and legal budget money is to be spent,” Oreshkin said.

“Ahead of the 2018 presidential election in Russia Putin will intensify the provocations in Donbas to mobilize his electorate in Russia,” the expert said.

Putin does not wish a full-sized war with Ukraine for which he is short of cash. He needs a hybrid war to keep the Russians tense and ready to sacrifice their lives in the name of Russia’s sacred ideals. The Russians are to understand that, faced with the looming foreign threat, they won’t be able to survive without Putin,” Oreshkin said.   

Putin will have to whip up provocations in Donbas and resulting patriotic rhetoric as he has no achievements in his track record, Dmitrij Oreshkin said.

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