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Ukrainian Radio begins broadcasts to rebel-held territories – Zhebrivsky

“Ukrainian Radio’s Channel 1 started broadcasting to the Donbas breakaway republics two weeks ago. Reports from the occupied territories indicate that the signal reaches even Rostov, a city in Russia close to the Ukrainian border. The radio broadcasts on medium waves,” the governor of Donetsk oblast, Pavlo Zhebrivsky, wrote in Facebook.

A powerful transmitter enabling to cover the huge territory was installed 20 km away from the touchline.

Earlier, Zhebrivsky announced the Ukrainization of Donbas towns in the Ukraine-held part, pledging UAH30 mn ($1.15 mn) to the towns that replace their Russian language names of streets, shops and ads with the Ukrainian ones. 

 “Ads and shop names in Ukrainian give a town a Ukrainian look,” the governor says.

Skeptics, however, say the campaign will have little effect as locals have more important problems to deal with.

Several towns have already signed on the project. Some even decided to double the shop names – adding one in English!

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