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Businessmen must not serve in elected offices – Lanovyj

Ukrainians are to realize that they must not vote for businessmen to serve in elected offices because, being ordinary businessmen at the time of election, they soon turn into tycoons, ex-vice premier and ex-economy minister Volodymyr Lanovyj said, speaking in a talk show on ZIK June 15.

 “Every new elections lead to the appearance of new politicians, and there is a growing understanding in Ukraine that businessmen must be banned to run for elected offices,” Lanovyj said.

Another speaker in the talk show, Oles Donij, an independent Rada lawmaker, was sad the choice for president in the years of Ukraine’s independence had been erroneous as none of the five presidents had truly supported the independence of their country. They all backed or were the oligarchs, Donij said.

Ahead of the next presidential election, Ukrainians must take a look at themselves in the mirror and ask how much longer they will continue to make the old mistake of selecting the wrong candidate, he said.

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