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Putin can get rid of Trump in a day – Felshtinskij

Moscow has a strong grip on Pres Donald Trump and can get him removed from office within a day, Yurij Felshtinskij, an American-Russian historian and journalist, writes in an article for Gordon June 14.

 “Trump realizes he is cornered. All Putin has to do to get him removed from office is to publicize one-tenth of the information Kremlin has on the meetings of Trump officials, Donald Trump junior and Trump himself with Russians,” he said.  

Earlier, Felshtinskij predicted that Putin will fall only in the case of Russia’s major military defeat. Putin is dragging Russia into such adventure, the historian warned.

Putin, however, won’t be let to swallow up Europe even if Donald Trump meets all commitment he made to Putin. Yet, the Russian threat is hanging over Belarus. If Putin grabs Belarus, he will be able either to terrorize or annex a number of EU countries, Felshtinskij wrote.   


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