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Another wave of garbage crisis to hit Lviv – Mykhalchyshyn
Garbage in Lviv. Photo: Mykola Tys/ZIK
Garbage in Lviv. Photo: Mykola Tys/ZIK

Lviv is swamped with garbage. Many cleaner companies refuse to take away garbage as the dump sites are either closed or denied to them by the local authorities. Trucks with Lviv garbage roam Ukraine, going as far as Donbas. Frequently, trucks dump off their cargo in forests, with ensuing criminal cases and a black eye for Lviv Mayor Andrij Sadovyj.

Meanwhile, while Sadovyj remains mayor, the garbage issue cannot be resolved in any sensible way, says Yurij Mykhailyshyn, an ex-Rada lawmaker, speaking in a Vox Populi program on ZIK TV June 12.  

 “For one thing, due to the uncooperative spirit of the Lviv mayor, all foreign investors have refused to deal with Sadovyj in the issues of garbage plant construction and recycling,” Mykhalchyshyn said. 

Besides, Sadovyj’s political ambitions made Lviv residents hostages in the highly politicized garbage conflict with the central authorities. Sadovyj heads the Samopomich party, the avid critic of the ruling coalition led by Pres Poroshenko and Premier Grojsman.

The central authorities used the garbage crisis in Lviv to put Sadovy on the hook, denying him the use of land to build garbage storage sites and recycling plants. As the resulting crunch hasn’t gagged the government critics, the future of Lviv residents may look gloomy.

However, the opposition to Sadovyj sitting on two chairs is growing, and garbage protests are on the rise. Recently, residents of Lviv blocked traffic, forcing the Frankivsky rayon administration head to come to the spot 10 minutes after the pickets had started and eventually having a huge pile of garbage removed within hours.

In another protest, residents dumped their garbage on two busy streets at night to block the traffic.

The way-out, Mykhalchyshyn believes, is to force Sadovyj to stop double-dipping  and either to pursue his political career or manage the city.

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