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Cardinal Liubomyr Huzar dies
Liubomyr Huzar. Photo: Roman Baluk/ZIK
Liubomyr Huzar. Photo: Roman Baluk/ZIK

Liubomyr Huzar, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in 2005-2011, died today at the age of 85, Ukrayinska Pravda reports May 31.

Liubomyr Huzar was born in Lviv on Feb. 26, 1933. In 1944, his family moved to Austria, then to the United States.

In 1969, Liubomyr Huzar moved to Rome where he lived for 25 years.

Huzar travelled widely, visiting places where there are Greek Catholic communities.

He returned to Ukraine in 1993. In 2001, he was elected head of the UGCC. He was promoted to Cardinal by John Paul II.

For all his life, Cardinal Huzar has been a moral authority for worshippers of all confessions in Ukraine as well as for many other Ukrainians.

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