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Many present officials and politicians on Party of Regions pay-lists – Trepak

The investigation of officials and politicians found on the Party of Regions p[ay-lists is of utmost priority as it can expose the links of Yanukovych power with the present one, says ex-deputy head of SBU Viktor Trepak, speaking on ZIK TV May 30.

Trepak who handed over the Regions pay-lists to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau last year says he is not satisfied with the progress in the investigations.

The first to be nailed by MABU was head of the Central Election Commission Mykhailo Ohendovsky.

In all, the Regions paid out $2 billion to its pocket politicians, officials, journalists, Trepak says.

The Trepak list includes such names as Rada lawmakers Geller, Myrymsky, Kaliuzhny, Kostenko, Skubashevsky, spin doctors Bondarenko, Mustafin and Hranovsky.

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