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Candidates blacklisted by NGO allowed to run for Supreme Court

Recommendations by the Public Council for the Integrity of Judges were ignored by the Supreme Qualification Commission which allowed the blacklisted judges to run for the Supreme Court, DT.UA reports May 28.

Public Council says that among the vetoed candidates there are judges who gave convicting sentences to 2014 Maidan revolution protesters, violated human rights and cannot explain the source of their wealth. 

For instance, the present head of the Supreme Court, Yaroslav Romaniuk, had a role in passing the dictatorial laws on Jan. 16, 2014 which had given Viktor Yanukovych extreme powers that enabled him to start shooting Maidan protesters.

Romaniuk also evicted a 97-year old woman from her apartment, something that drew fire from the European Court on Human rights.

Head of Kyiv’s district administrative court Pavlo Vovk resorted to shenanigans to hide his rich property.

The Qualification Commission is to make its final decision on the candidates for the Supreme Court on June 6.

However, despite numerous calls by the public to hold its sessions openly, the commission ruled to have them closed, the NGO says.




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