News » Politics 26 May, 2017, 18:57
Semenchenko announces escalation of trade blockade against Russia

In two weeks, the HQ for the Blockade of Occupied Territories NGO is to stop the supplies of Russian coal, said Semen Semenchenko, an opposition Rada lawmaker and former battalion commander in Donbas, speaking in a talk show on ZIK TV May 26.

The Russian goods will be stopped only if alternative sources of supply are available, he said.

The proposed cut of coal trade is in line with the cabinet’s decision, calling the trade with Russia criminal, the lawmaker said.

One of the goals of the trade blockade is to force Russia to exchange Ukrainian POWs. Their number held by the militants is about 130.

Semenchenko pointed to the presence of Russian banks and mobile communication operators in Ukraine. They can be chosen to exert more pressure on Moscow and make it hot for Putin, he said. 

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