Thursday, 25 May, 2017, 20:40 Politics
No convictions and confiscations of corrupt officials’ property without anti-corruption court – Shabunin

“The bill on the creation of the independent anti-corruption court has been in limbo in Rada for 6 months. However, the president and his faction do not like the bill, and they make no proposals to better it.

It means, the present situation when high-profile detentions without convictions are held, sits well with Poroshenko, “Vitali Shabunin, the head of the Center for Countering Corruption NGO, said, speaking on ZIK TV May 25. 

“The president may not like the bill, and it is his right. However, for some reason, the incumbent does not propose his own bill. It means Poroshenko is satisfied with merely resonant detentions without convictions of corrupt officials,” Shabunin noted.

 “The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has not checked any income declaration in the past 9 months, making it impossible to bring to account hordes of corrupt officials and politicians,” Shabunin said. 

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