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Institutions most trusted by Ukrainians – poll

Ukrainians have the highest trust in volunteer NGOs that help Donbas army servicemen and army invalids, the church, the armed forces and national guards, says the April poll run by the Razumkov Center, Businessua reports May 21.

The volunteer NGOs are trusted by 65% of respondents, with the church by 63.3%, the army by 55.9%, the National Guard by 49%.

Next follow the volunteer territorial defense with 45.2% and state service for emergencies, with 45% .

Merely 22% of Ukrainians have trust in the president, with 71.9% not trusting him, the government is trusted by, 12.8%  and  mistrusted by 81.9%, the Central Bank, respectively, by 11.7% and 811.5%, Verkhovna Rada by 9% and 86.6%, prosecutors’ office by 9.5% and 83.3%, courts by 7% and 86.6%, National Anti-Corruption Bureau by 21.3% and 64.8%, civil servants by 7.9% and 87%.

Ukrainians have little trust in their political parties – 8.6% against 83.5%, commercial banks at 10.4% against 83.9%, Russia’s media at 3.4% against 85.2%.

The predictable error does not exceed 2.3%.

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