Friday, 19 May, 2017, 9:50 Politics
Samopomich accuses Klitschko-led faction of strong ties with oligarchs

Rada lawmakers continue to be dependent on oligarchs. This became evident when Klitschko-led Udar faction did not support May 18 voting on sanctions against the tycoons belonging to Yanukovych entourage, said Viktoria Voitsitska, a member of Samopomich, speaking on ZIK TV May 18.

Why was Rinat Akhmetov missing from the black list of sanctioned oligarchs? she said.

 “The failure of the Rada to pass the bill is more than shameful. “It is a spit in the face of Ukrainians and our partners. It is evidence that we cannot pinpoint those guilty of the two Maidan revolutions and war with Russia,” the lawmaker said.

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